Technical Support


In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, one key way Nyquist has distinguished our business and stand out from the competition is by providing the highest caliber of technical support and service in the industry.

Nyquist employs Certified Technical professionals in every market that we operate in. Each of our expertly-trained technical professionals have completed a rigorous set of written and hand-on certification tests to ensure that they meet the highest technical standards set by PPG, Akzo-Nobel and other manufacturers that we represent.

When you have a problem, questions, or need a technical solution in your paint operation, you can count on the Nyquist team to be there for you. Our primary goal is to help your shop run as productively and efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, our technical representatives are certified and trained to handle any most of the issues that a typical operation will encounter including:

  • Paint shop training
  • Color match assistance
  • New product introduction and training
  • Paint product training
  • New customer conversion and setup
  • Refinish fundamentals & application techniques
  • Color tools, blending and tinting
  • Refinish application equipment recommendations & training
  • Paint system software & color retrieval
  • Mixing room management
  • Troubleshoot paint defects and equipment system failures
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting & support
  • EPA and other regulatory compliance issues
  • Industry benchmarking & KPI analysis

Beyond training and troubleshooting, the Certified Technical Representatives at Nyquist are also qualified to perform shop audits to ensure equipment is properly maintained and that the correct products are used in each shop. Our Technical professionals are much more than problems solvers that solve the most complex problems in the paint shop, but they are trusted business partners that take pride in making our customers better.

Helping your business run smoothly and efficiently is our top priority and we are proud to have a large staff of Certified Technical professionals available to help you when you need them. Let Nyquist show you why we are not your average Distributor. We will always be there when you need us.

Receive Updates on our Training Schedule,
New Products and Promotions
Receive Updates on our Training Schedule,
New Products and Promotions