Nyquist has been serving the Collision Industry with exceptional service and quality products since 1955. But we are more than just a Distributor…we are a business partner that is equipped with industry-leading products, services and technologies that you need to deliver a profitable, quality repair to your customers.

In a fast-paced industry that is continually changing, you can look to Nyquist for the answers. Our team of highly-trained experts have decades of experience and are solely focused on providing you with the highest level of service and support to ensure your success.


  • PPG and AkzoNobel Products to meet every repair facility’s needs
  • Leading color-matching tools and support
  • Experts in both Waterborne and Solvent-based basecoat platforms
  • Partnered with industry-leading associated products and equipment manufacturers
  • Knowledgeable in OEM trends and specification


  • Dedicated Training Centers & Resources
  • Certified Technical Service Professionals
  • Shop Certification Programs
  • PPG MVP and AkzoNobel Acoat Selected Shop Training Programs
  • I-CAR Class Sponsorship


  • Local prompt and accurate product delivery
  • Field representatives to help manage your inventory needs
  • Availability of inventory management systems to reduce your costs
  • Developing standard operating procedures for inventory control
  • Rationalizing product SKUs to ensure inventory efficiency


  • Benchmark Analysis – Assessing your success against industry benchmarks
  • AkzoNobel's Carbeat - AkzoNobel’s digital process control solution, improving communication and production efficiency
  • Product Usage Reports – Ensuring efficient use of the products in your operation
  • TrendTracker Reporting – Driving continuous improvement through performance tracking
  • VOC Reporting – To meet your regulatory needs
  • Customer Invoice Analysis Tools – For your budgeting, accounting and auditing requirements


  • Paint & Material Profitability – Minimizing your product costs and usage
  • Paint Department Productivity – Maximizing your paint department’s output
  • Lean Process for Operations – Tools to reduce your cycle time
  • Business Development – Improving the business side of your organization


  • Experience in over 800+ waterborne conversions
  • A methodical Nyquist conversion process to ensure success and seamless transition
  • Certified Technical professionals involved from start to finish
  • “Going Green” marketing planning assistance
  • A trusted partner when water is the right choice for you


Receive Updates on our Training Schedule,
New Products and Promotions
Receive Updates on our Training Schedule,
New Products and Promotions