Process Analysis and Business Solutions

Today’s ever-changing collision industry and manufacturing environment, finding a focus on your business can sometimes be overwhelming.

That’s why Nyquist is here to help you improve your processes and reduce your cost of doing business by offering a variety of process analysis and business solutions tools. Our team tailors each opportunity to your individual organization rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We have the distinct capability to review every aspect of your business to seek additional opportunities for improvement. Our process analysis and business solutions toolkit includes the following areas:


A key to the success of any organization is ensuring that you are maximizing your sales and minimizing your costs and product usage. Factors that are critical to understand to ensure success in your Paint & Materials profitability include knowing what’s included and not included in paint and material costs, accurate accounting practices to post sales & costs to the appropriate accounts, accurate monthly inventory, and a high standard for waste control/housekeeping, and paint and materials management. The Nyquist team will help you to review your current state and develop processes to manage your costs relative to your shop output.


Demands on cycle time are increasing at lighting pace. Nyquist has trained consultants that will help you focus on “keys-to-keys” practical applications used by progressive collision centers to improve cycle time performance and enable vehicles to flow smoothly through the production process. We can also help analyze and provide important insights on how to successfully manage the most important asset in a paint department - the production staff.


The implementation of lean principles provides a significant opportunity to become equipped with the knowledge, expertise and commitment to evolve with emerging trends and meet the challenges of change head on. The team at Nyquist has the resources and tools to help you re-engineer your processes for success through key lean platforms such as Green Belt, White Belt, and Rapid Improvement Workshops…all focused on reducing cycle time while processing more work with your existing assets.


As a true partner in every aspect of your business, your local Nyquist representative can help improve the business-side of your organization. In partnership with PPG’s and AkzoNobel's Business Solutions resources, we can help focus on improvement in critical organizational areas such as Administration, Production Management, Organizational Leadership, Sales & Marketing, and Financial Management. All incorporate the real-world expertise of certified consultants, and practical, relevant business curriculum that can improve your performance and profitability in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Contact your local Nyquist representative to see how we can help you assess your Process Analysis and Business Solution needs.

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Receive Updates on our Training Schedule,
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