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We understand today’s business challenges and realize that the business of automotive and industrial refinish is no longer business as usual. Nyquist has the solutions that you need to help you get the data that you need to analyze your performance and make the decisions to improve and grow your business.

As a value-added partner to our customers, Nyquist has access to an exhaustive amount of data and reports to help make informed decisions on job costs, material usage, mixing efficiency, inventory and much more. All designed to get you the data that you need when you need it. Our customers depend on us to deliver accurate and timely data, reports, and metrics that are in user-friendly formats to help manage their business.

Your local Nyquist representative can help you access the data and reporting tools that you need. If we don’t have what your business requires, our team will work hard to understand your needs, outline the requirements, and customize a data or reporting solution for you.

As sample of reporting categories that we provide our customers are:


These analytical reports are used by thousands of collision center owners and managers to improve the way they run their businesses and drive their performance levels to new heights. Key Performance Indicators allow you to assess your current state performance while identifying your opportunities for improvement, while helping you compare yourself to established benchmarks.


At Nyquist, we can produce reports that detail and analyze your product usage in specific formats based on your needs. These reports will easily show how much of each product that you purchased during a given time frame, and gives you an opportunity to identify important usage trends to help identify trends, potential problems, and opportunities for improvement. These reports can be customized to include specific product categories or manufacturers and be segmented by inventory location, shop location (for multiple shop operators) or on a company-wide basis.

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The Trendtracker report is an easy to use web-based analysis tool for shop leadership to review to determine performance trends and to understand productivity accomplishments and areas for improvement. Your Nyquist representative will retrieve four simple data points from your paint shop, compile the data, and present a comprehensive analytical report showing basic performance milestones. All surrounding product usage as it compares to gross sales. The Trendtracker report is not only an effective tool that develops a shop performance baseline and trend analysis to for continued performance analysis. An added benefit of this effective reporting tool is the communication facilitation that occurs between shop leadership and the Nyquist team.


Due to regulatory requirements, many shops are required to record and report the actual VOC content of each coating as applied. As the regulatory environment becomes even more complex, it is now more important than ever to have easy and accurate documentation of the levels of VOCs being delivered to your shop. Your local Nyquist representative can help you to collect the necessary data, including VOC content information for products that you have purchased in specific time frames.


Some shops are interested in gaining greater visibility to their purchase transactions on a regular basis to analyze purchasing activity for performance, budgetary, accounting, and/or auditing purposes. Nyquist can delivery customized purchase history in formats and frequencies that best meets your needs. .

Nyquist has the data retrieval and reporting capabilities to meet your needs. Contact your local Nyquist representative to discuss your reporting needs and how we can use the data and analysis tools to help make your business more productive and successful.

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Receive Updates on our Training Schedule,
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